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Debt Counselor, Derica Reniers has been practicing since 2009.


One and half years after the act came into being, many teething problems had to be ironed out. Many changes have taken place since commencement of the act and with that fortunately much experience gained.


Derica left her career after 37 years with a financial institution to assist over indebted people in the debt review process. Having the financial background is a real asset for this business.


Teaching people how to manage their money has always been a passion. There are so many aspects one has to consider and to share it with people who want to be financially stable is exciting and rewarding







Well, getting out of debt is all about rehabilitating oneself to a debt free lifestyle.

Once you're rehabilitated you are "well" and "free" to live your life.

So, it's much like "rehab" of any sorts - got to hang in there until it's over and done with.



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