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REMEMBER "There is light at the end of the tunnel. The debt is not going to go away by itself. Only you can do it!"



There appears to be a stigma out there about debt counseling not working. As in all professions there are the good people and the not so good ones, the same applies in debt counseling. Some say they are worse off than before they went into Debt Counseling. Many clients have lost their vehicles in spite of being under debt review. This could be very true, but then I say that it is because the plan has not been calculated properly. The consumer must at least be servicing the interest on the debt. if they are not, then obviously the debt will escalate. For example, is it logic to pay a credit card off over 10 years? Absolutely not. Ask your debt counselor for references, meaning - let them show you their last 5 or 10 "restructured plans". There are no names revealed there so the Debt Counselors client information still remains confidential. The plan must work within 60 months - no more, with the exception of vehicles and bonds. Vehicles up to 84 months maximum and bonds can go up to 360 months, preferable 240 months which is the most used term to pay of a house. Age of the consumer is taken into consideration when negotiating the plan Millions of rand's have been paid back to the credit providers through Debt Counseling. It is a structured process that definitely works!
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